Dr. KIM Ki Joon

Position(s) Available

Ph.D. student/advisee and postdoc/research assistant (RA) applications are accepted throughout the year. Ideal candidates should have:

  • strong scholarly interests in human-technology interaction, computer-mediated communication, and/or ICT adoption (see Kim, 2016; Kim, 2017)
  • proficiency in spoken and written English (native or near native level required; for all positions)
  • proficiency in advanced statistical analyses using AMOS, SPSS, and/or JMP (for postdoc/RA positions)
  • proficiency in any creative multimedia tools (for all positions)
  • ability to publish at least one SSCI article or produce at least one high-caliber manuscript each semester (for postdoc positions)
  • bachelor's or master's degree¬†in engineering (e.g., computer science, creative media) or social sciences (e.g., psychology, communication) from a top-tier research university (for Ph.D. students/advisees)
  • potential to become a productive independent researcher

Before applying for the position, the applicant is strongly advised to prepare his/her CV in a way that highlights one or (hopefully) more of the expected qualifications listed above.