Mr. AGOJO Kevin Nielsen Magat

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My PhD research explores the politics of policing and how it impacts the state-society relations in a challenged democracy, using the Philippines and its policing institution as a case study. By combining historical and discursive institutionalist approaches, I intend to examine how, why, and under what conditions members of the Philippine National Police have been instrumentalized by political leaders for agendas within and beyond their official functions as agents of the Weberian ideal-type state.

Before I commenced my PhD studies, I was an Assistant Professorial Lecturer at the Department of Political Science and Development Studies of De La Salle University, Philippines (2018-2022) and Project Assistant of the Philippine Political Science Association (2017-2019). I hold Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts (magna cum laude) degrees in Political Science from De La Salle University. 

Research Interests/Areas

Politics of policing

Human rights

Social movements

Philippine studies

Democracy and leadership