Prof. LIN Ka Yuk Carrie (林嘉玉)

PhD - Operational Research 
MSOR - Operations Research 
BSc - Mathematics & Statistics 

Visiting address
Phone: +852 34429485

Author IDs

Research Interests/Areas

  • Scheduling
  • Health Care Applications
  • Operations Planning
  • Optimization
  • Simulation

Services outside CityU

  • LIN Ka Yuk Carrie (Nov. 2010 - Sept. 2012), "Patient flow study in eye outpatient department with a prediction model on congestion", report of joint research study with the United Christian Hospital, Hong Kong, Hospital Authority, Hong Kong (Ref.: KC/KE-10-0182/ER-2).
  • Lin C K Y (June-August 2006), A simulation program developed for a consultancy project "Donor service operation review - develop the best practice of workflow and information flow", Hong Kong Red Cross, Hong Kong, China.


Consultancy Reports

  • Ng J W C, Lin C K Y (April-December 2014), "Planning the capacity of hospital lift and escalator system of the new ambulatory block in United Christian Hospital", The University of Hong Kong (end client: Hospital Authority, Head Office, Hong Kong).
  • Lin C K Y (June 2001), "Lift traffic simulation for the redevelopment and expansion of Pok Oi Hospital", Hospital Authority, Hong Kong, China.
  • Sydney Chu, Carrie Lin, Stella Cheung, Franklin Lam, Mary Ho, Hong Fung, Donald Li (March 1997), "Simulation study of hospital lift system (HLS): a performance evaluator-predictor (PEP)", Hospital Authority, Hong Kong, China.
  • Sydney C K Chu, Carrie K Y Lin, Stella L H Cheung, Mary P P Ho, Hong Fung, Michael Yuen, Pauline Lo (January 1996), "Feasibility study of the pneumatic tube system for North District Hospital", Hospital Authority, Hong Kong, China.