Mr. WU Junjie (吳駿杰)


Gavin Wu has been teaching in tertiary contexts since 2015. He also had work experience with the British Council and was an examiner for CET 4/6. He has taught GE 2402 and IELTS courses and is a course grader for EN 2011 at CityU.

He currently serves on the executive committee of PacCALL International Association and organizes GLoCALL International Conferences (Brunei, 17; China, 18; Vietnam, 19; Malaysia, 20). He has reviewed manuscripts for SSCI and Scopus/ESCI journals of CALL and reviewed abstracts for international conferences. His latest publications can be found in Computer Assisted Language Learning (SSCI, IF=2.018, with Lindsay Miller) and Language in Society (SSCI, IF=1.660).

He has received scholarships and awards from different international associations, including Hong Kong Association for Applied Linguistics, GLoCALL International Conference, AFS Germany, and his paper (with Danyang Zhang, Cantab) received the Best Paper Award from The 18th World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning at TU Delft, the Netherlands.

Research interests: technology (computer/mobile)-enhanced learning, teacher cognition and learning-oriented assessment

Supervisory panel: Prof. Lindsay Miller (Main), Prof. Brian King (Co-supervisor; HKU), Prof. So-Yeon Ahn, and Prof. Carolin Fuchs (Northeastern University, USA)

Teaching at CityU: GE 2402 English for Business Communication, SWCP project & IELTS Course