Mr. WU Junjie (吳駿杰)

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After getting his Master's degree (Distinction degree, straight A's) from CityU in 2015, Gavin Wu worked as a full-time teacher in the School of Foreign Languages at an Eastern Chinese university. He also had work experience with the British Council and was an examiner for CET 4/6.

He currently serves on the executive committee of PacCALL International Association and organizes GLoCALL International Conferences (Brunei, 17; China, 18; Vietnam, 19). He reviewed manuscripts for SSCI and Scopus/ESCI journals of CALL and reviewed abstracts for international conferences. His latest publications can be found in Computer Assisted Language Learning (SSCI, IF=2.018, with Lindsay Miller) and Language in Society (SSCI, IF=1.660).

Research interests: technology (computer/mobile)-enhanced learning, anti-plagiarism, teacher cognition and learning-oriented assessment

Supervisory panel: Prof. Lindsay Miller (Main), Prof. Brian King (Co-supervisor; HKU), Prof. So-Yeon Ahn, and Prof. Carolin Fuchs (Northeastern University, USA)

Teaching at CityU: GE 1401 University English, GE 2402 English for Business Communication & SWCP project