Prof. ZHANG Jun (張珺)

BA (Law; Sun Yat-sen University)
MA (Law; Sun Yat-sen University)
MPhil & PhD (Socioculture Anthropology, Yale University)

Visiting address
Phone: +852 34424482

Author IDs

Willing to take PhD students: yes

Research Interests/Areas

Research Interests:

  • Social Transformation and Urban Development
  • Mobility and Class Politics
  • Infrastructures and Spatial Politics
  • Science, Technology and Society in Asia
  • China Studies

Rsearch Areas:

  • Sociocultural Anthropology
  • International Relations and Development
  • Urban Policy and Sustainability


On-going research projects:

  • Urbanization, Infrastructural transformation, and Spatial politics in China (funded by GRF & ECS)
  • Platform Economy and Platformized Lifestyles
  • An Ethnographic Exploration of a Care-centered Approach to Square Dancing and Gendered Aging in Urban China (funded by CityU)
  • The emerging philanthropic landscape in China (with Dr. Gonçalo Santos; funded by GRFs; book manuscript in progress)
  • The Politics and Ethics of Childbirth Medicalization in Reform era China (with Dr. Gonçalo Santos; funded by GRF)


  • Project Planning & Management for Development
  • Comparative Development in Asia
  • Social Changes & Governing Challenges: A Critical Appreciation through Film
  • Special Topics in Asian Studies
  • Problem-Based Studies of Selected Asian Societies and Region I
  • Political Sociology
  • Environment and Society in Asia

Editor or Editorial Membership

  • Journal of Contemporary Asia
  • Worldwise Waste: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

Services outside CityU

  • The Treasurer for Society for East Asian Anthropology under the American Anthropological Association (November 2022 to November 2025)
  • Board member in the Impact Committee in the international NGO “Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong” (since 2022)
  • An executive member of the International Research Network: Sci-Tech Asia; producer of its book talk podcast series “TechnoViews”.


  • Interviewed or quoted by international newspapers (English) including The New York Times, BBC and the Deutsche Welle
  • Interviewed by Chinese newspaper, magazines, and other media platforms including 澎湃新聞、南方人物週刊、第一財經、中歐商業評論、時代財經、智族 and so on.
  • Interviewed by broadcast networks such as CNA (Singapore-based)