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Dr. June Wang is an Associate Professor in the Department of Public and International Affairs at City University of Hong Kong and contributes as a Visiting Professor at Gran Sasso Science Institute. Her research lies at the intersection of urban political economy and cultural studies, with special concern for creative/cultural cities and platform urbanism. Her long-term research interest dwells on the Deleuzian (re-)territorialisation of state space, that is, how the intertwined political and economic logics put human and non-human things on the move, resulting in ceaseless re-configuration of economy and population. Her recent work focuses on digital labour, digital infrastructure, and the assembled value chain in global China. She has authored papers in journals such as Annals of AAG; EPA; Dialogue of Human Geography; Geoforum; IJURR; Planning Theory; South Atlantic Quarterly; Territory, Politics, Governance; and Urban Geography.

Research Interests/Areas

  • Platform urbanism
  • Cultural cities/creative cities, critical heritage studies
  • Territorialization, political geography
  • Social geography, citizenship. mobility

Editor or Editorial Membership

Senior Associate Editor, Journal of Urban Affairs

Executive Editor, Built Heritage

Editorial Board: Urban Geography; Sociology Comapss; City, Culture, Society 

Services outside CityU

ISA RC02 (Economy and Society), elected member of the board

PhD Committee & Visiting Professor, Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy

Urban Studies Advisory Committee, Chinese University of Hong Kong

External Examiner, MA in Culture and Heritage Studies, Lingnan University 

Judge, 2022-, Global Undergraduate Award

IPL Expert (on Culture, Social change / social transformations, Urban development), 2019-, UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab

Remote referee panel, 2019-, European Research Council (ERC),

Remote referee panel, 2019, Leibniz Collaborative Excellence

Remote referee panel, 2019, FAPESP-ESRC-NOW joint grant scheme


PROCORE-France/Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme, 9052037, The Ali-Auchan New Retail Chain: A comparative study of the Organization of Transnational Platform: Economy and its Impact on the society”, 2024-2026, Principal Investigator, on-going.

Research Grants Council General Research Fund (Hong Kong), RGC Ref No. 11609523, " The geo-economic state space through transnational incubators: The politics of infrastructure, 2023 to 2025, Principal Investigator, HKD958,000, on-going.

Australian Research Council Discovery Projects (Australia), DP180102074, “Culture Economy Development: UNESCO and the Making of Global Cultural Policy”, Partner-investigator, ongoing.

Strategic Interdisciplinary Research Grant (SIRG), “The International Political Economy of Digital Platforms”, 2022-2024. Co-PI, 7020070, HKD150,000, on-going.

Technology, Policy and Law (TPL) Lab, Centre for Public Affairs and Law (CPAL), CityUHK, “The International Political Economy of Digital Platforms”, 2021 to 2023. PI, HKD250,000, on-going.

State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Building Science (China), 2022ZB03, "Measurement of Resident Participation Level and Influence Mechanism of Community Renovation Under Structure-Agency Theory: A Comparative Analysis of Guangzhou and Hong Kong", 2022-2024. PI of Hong Kong, ¥50,000, on-going.

Research Grants Council General Research Fund (Hong Kong), CityU 21613815, "I want this place to survive and thrive": Territorialisation, moral citizenship, mobile creative workforce in China, 2015 to 2018, Principal Investigator, HKD530,920, completed.

Research Grants Council General Research Fund (Hong Kong), CityU247713, Making cultural cities in China - Policy mobility, assemblage and mutation, 2014 to 2016, Principal Investigator, HKD560,600, completed.

National Social Science Foundation 2014 (Key Research project in Liberal Art): Cultural Mobility and Cultural Innovation in Emerging Cities, Co-Investigator, RMB10,00,000, completed

National Natural Science Foundation: Artistic Geography and the artistic intervention in current urbanization in China, 2014-2018, Co-investigator, completed.

Research Grants Council General Research Fund (Hong Kong), Cultural Regeneration of Archaic Industrial Buildings, 2010-2013, Co-Investigator, HKD535,000, Completed

Research Grants Council General Research Fund (Hong Kong), The Conservation of Cultural Heritage Assets in China: The Changing Role of the State in the Fast-Growing Metropolises of Guangzhou and Shanghai, 2010-2013, Co-Investigator, HKD335,000, Completed

As adviser

Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF_Division 1) “Cultural flagships: pathways, practices and politics of a global urban type”, 2020-2024. Adviser, on-going.