Prof. HU Jinlian (胡金蓮)

Position(s) Available

Laboratory of Wearable Materials for Healthcare Professor In-Charge: Prof. Jinlian HU

The laboratory focuses on unearthing scientific principles and providing solutions to key problems in Healthcare of Wearable Materials in three major areas: Traditional Chinese medical therapies and their materials, energy materials and healthcare as well as spider silks and their relatives as biomaterials. As such, we apply advanced methods including custom-made wearable electronics as basic tools to examine materials, their application methods, and particularly their interactions with human body in terms of physical, chemical, biological, philological and informational relations. From the discoveries and models of basic research, applied investigation, product developments and standardization are envisaged, which can produce societal as well economic impact in addition to scientific advances.

Posts available : PhD Students, Postdoctoral Fellow and Research assistants/associates

Requirements: Applicants for the above posts should have Master’s degree/ PhD in one of the following disciplines:

 Electromagnetism

 General Medicine

 Electrical and Electronic Engineering

 Wearable electronics

 Quantum Physics/Photonics

 Chinese Medicine

 Mathematical Modelling

 Water chemistry

 Polymer /Fiber Engineering

 Textiles

Good command of written and spoken English; strong organizational and interpersonal skills; being self-motivated and hardworking; and ability to work independently in a mature manner are required. Applicants are invited to contact Prof. Hu Jinlian at Tel no. 3442-9549 or email for further information.

Applicants for PhD studies are required to complete their application through the School of Graduate Studies: The Admission Handbook ( should include all the information applicants need to know. For PhD fellowship scheme applicants can refer for further details.