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Phone: +852 34426505

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Academic Qualifications

Doctor of Architecture in Computer-Aided Architecture Design, The University of Michigan

Master of Architecture, University of Michigan


Professional Qualifications

Senior Fellow, Architectural Society of China, PRC

Fellow, China Academy of Urban Planning and Design

Member, China Green Building Council, PRC

Green Building Label Manager, China Green Building Council, PRC

Member, CSUS Committee of Experts on Green Building Assessment, Chinese Society for Urban Studies, PRC


Professional Experience

Honorary Advisor, Center for Housing Innovations, CUHK, 2019.10 – current

Programme Director, MSSc. Housing Studies, Faculty of Social Science, CUHK, 2014 – 2020

Programme Director, MSc. Advanced Environmental Planning Technologies, Faculty of Social Science, CUHK, 2011 – 2020

Director, Center for Housing Innovations, CUHK, 12/1998-09/2019

Professor, School of Architecture, CUHK, 2009 – 09/2019 

Services outside CityU


Emeritus Professor, School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Honorary Professor in Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), invited by the Chancellor of TU Graz


International Conference / Professional Societies

Board of Director & Reviewer, International Society for Computing in Civil and Building Engineering (ISCCBE)

Distinguished Fellow & Board of Supervisor, International Forum on Urbanism (IFoU)

Board of Director, Computer Aided Architectural Design in Asia (CAADRIA)

Chairman, China Urban Housing Conference (CUHC)


National Professional Societies

Former Advisory Member, the Committee of Science & Technology, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MoHURD), PRC

Expert, 2022 Winter Olympics Engineering and Construction


Regional Professional Societies

Co-Founder, Chairman and Fellow, China Green Building (Hong Kong) Council

Chairman and Board Member, Green Building Certification Board of China Green Building (Hong Kong) Council

Advisory Board Member, China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong and International Chapter (CRECCHKI)(全國工商聯房地產商會香港及國際分會有限公司)

Expert, Professional Advisory Committee (高級顧問團), The Greater Bay Area Carbon Neutrality Association (GBACNA)  (大灣區碳中和協會)

Expert, Green Building Industry Alliance of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (G-GHM Alliance) (粵港澳大灣區綠色建築產業聯盟智慧庫專家)

Reviewer, Public Policy Research (PPR) Funding Scheme, Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office (PICO), Hong Kong SAR, PRC

Expert Team, The XPLORER PRIZE

Board of Director, Deputy Convener, and Member, Greater China Wisdom Foundation

Honorary Advisor, Smart City Consortium

Foreign Committee Member, Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Association(廣東省科學技術協會外籍委員)

Member, Urban Development Research Center, East China Normal University Institute (華東師範大學城市發展研究院養老事業研究中心委員)

Expert Member of Committee, Guangzhou Nansha New District Urban Planning Committee

Committee Member, Urban Development Research Center, East China Normal University Institute

Founding Member and the Strategic Partnership of the Environmental Design Studies for Public Housing Development with the Hong Kong Housing Authority

Member, International Cold Climate Housing Association

Board of Director and Member, China Center for International Economic Exchanges (中國國際經濟發展研究中心)

Board Member, Expert Consultative Committee for Tianjin Historical Building Projects

Distinguished Advisor for the Development of Nanhai Town


Research Institute

Founding Director, Center for Housing Innovations

Research Interests/Areas

Green Building Design and Technology, Low-carbon and Carbon Neutrality Development and Strategies, Sustainable Building Design and Urban Planning, Building Performance Design and Simulation, Urban Data Analytics and Energy Model, AI and Intelligent Systems, and Urban Housing.

Editor or Editorial Membership

Proceedings of China Urban Housing Conference

  1. Chair of Editorial Board, The 12th China Urban Housing Conference, 06/2016-07/2017
  2. Chair of Editorial Board, The 11th China Urban Housing Conference, 06/2014-07/2015
  3. Chair of Editorial Board, The 10th China Urban Housing Conference, 06/2012-07/2013
  4. Chair of Editorial Board, The 9th China Urban Housing Conference, 06/2010-07/2011
  5. Chair of Editorial Board, The 8th China Urban Housing Conference, 06/2008-09/2009
  6. Chair of Editorial Board, The 7th China Urban Housing Conference, 06/2007-09/2008
  7. Chair of Editorial Board, The 6th China Urban Housing Conference, 03/2006-03/2007
  8. Chair of Editorial Board, The 5th China Urban Housing Conference, 11/2004-11/2005
  9. Chair of Editorial Board, The 4th China Urban Housing Conference, 09/2003-09/2004
  10. Chair of Editorial Board, The 3rd China Urban Housing Conference, 07/2002-07/2003


  1. Leader of the research team to conduct research titled “Project Smangus -– D.I.Y. Negative Pressure Air Shield Device for Senior Health”, 02/2022-05/2022
  2. Advisor for Standard for Urban Residential Area Planning and Design (GB 50180), 05/2019-05/2020
  3. Advisor & Editor for the Assessment Standard for Green Building (Hong Kong Version) (GB/T 50378-2019), since 10/2019
  4. Self-Sustainable Eco-Village, 12/2015-03/2016
  5. Vice-chairman of the "China Green Low-Carbon Innovations" Editorial Board, China Architectural Culture Center, MOHURD, PRC
  6. Vice President, Design Community, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, since 11/2013
  7. PC Member of Program Committee, Computer-Aided Architectural Design Futures 2013, 09/2012-03/2013
  8. Chair of Editorial Board, CAAD Futures, 2005
  9. Member of Editorial Board, Housing in the Special Economic Zones: A Preliminary Study of Housing Provision and Conditions in Shenzhen, 1997