Prof. ZHANG Jilin (張繼林)

Visiting address
Phone: +852 34422130

Author IDs

Willing to take PhD students: yes


10/2015-05/2020, PhD in Medical science, Karolinska Institutet

09/2008-06/2010, MSc in Biophysics, Beijing Jiaotong University

09/2004-06/2008, BSc in Bioengineering, Beijing Institute of Technology


Dr. Zhang received his BSc in Bioengineering at Beijing Institute of Technology in 2008, MSc in Biophysics at Beijing Jiaotong University in 2010, and PhD in Medical Science at Karolinska Institutet in 2020. Between Sept. 2020 and Sept. 2021, he worked as a post-doctoral researcher with Björn Reinius at Karolinska Institutet to study the fundamental molecular basis of dosage compensation in the ZW sex-determining system using state-of-art single-cell sequencing technology. In March 2022, Dr. Zhang was appointed as a tenure-track assistant professor at the Department of Biomedical Sciences. His research focuses on dissecting the functional roles of regulatory elements encrypted in the genome. 


Bioinformatics (course code: BMS3301)