Prof. KAI Ji-jung (開執中)

Student Theses

  1. 2021
  2. Helium Irradiation Defects and Mechanical Behavior of FCC-type Multicomponent Alloys

    Author: LIU, S., 21 Aug 2021

    Supervisor: KAI, J. (Supervisor) & YANG, T. (Co-supervisor)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  3. Study and Fabrication of Adhesives with Strong and Tunable Underwater Adhesion via Photochemistry and Catechol Chemistry

    Author: ZHOU, Y., 5 Aug 2021

    Supervisor: KAI, J. (Supervisor), LU, Y. (Co-supervisor) & WANG, Z. (Co-supervisor)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  4. 2020
  5. Ion Irradiation Damage of FeCoNiCr-based High-entropy Alloys at Elevated Temperatures

    Author: CHEN, D., 6 Jan 2020

    Supervisor: KAI, J. (Supervisor)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  6. 2018
  7. New Core-shell Nanocatalyst Design for Oxygen Reduction Reaction: A Theoretical Study Based on Density Functional Theory

    Author: ZHUANG, Y., 11 Dec 2018

    Supervisor: KAI, J. (Supervisor) & HU, A. (Co-supervisor)

    Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis