Dr. CHEN Jiayu (陳嘉宇)

B.S.(BJTU), M.S.(Columbia University), Ph.D.(Columbia University)    


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Dr. Chen obtained his bachelor degree of Structural Engineering from Beijing Jiao Tong University (2008) and both Master (2010) and Ph.D. degree (2012) in Civil Engineering from Columbia University in the City of New York. He used to work as a research associate in Virginia Tech (2011) and Post Doc researcher in University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2013) before he joined the City University of Hong Kong in August 2013. Dr. Chen dedicates to rethinking and proposing innovative solutions to leverage the efficiency of building construction and energy consumption, to promote environmental friendly and sustainable practices, and to transform engineering education.


  • CA5603: Professional Research Methods
  • CA6613: Strategic Operation and Maintenance
  • GE2250: Understand Global Projects for Business and Engineering Professionals

Research Interests/Areas

Building Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Development, Agent-based Simulation, Network Analysis