Prof. MOREL Jean-Michel Henri Olivier

PhD(Universite Pierre et Marie Curie)

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Phone: +852 34424208

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Jean-Michel Morel has been in turn a PhD student at Université Paris IV, a postdoc at SISSA (Trieste, Italy), a teaching assistant at Université de Marseille Luminy, an assistant professor at Université Paris Dauphine, and is currently a professor at Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay. He has also been for 20 years a permanent visiting professor at Universitat Illes Balears , and a recurrent invited professor at University of California at Los Angeles and at Duke University. His main interests are the mathematical theory and the algorithms of image analysis and image processing. In September 2023, he has joined CityU as chair professor in imaging science.

At ENS Paris Saclay, Jean-Michel Morel has led a team of 30 researchers on the mathematical analysis of image processing and the invention of new algorithms. This team has collaborated with French Space Agency for the design of Earth observation satellites (SPOT5, Pleiades, CSO, SMOS-HR). The image denoising algorithms co-invented by JMM are implemented in more than 700 million cameraphones by DxO Labs, a world leader in software and hardware for cameras. In 2011 JMM founded Image Processing on Line (, the first journal publishing reproducible algorithms in online executable articles. IPOL has collaborators in 15 universities and its public archives contain 500000 online experiments.

Jean-Michel Morel is a mathematician trained in nonlinear analysis with a PhD and a doctorat d’état on partial differential equations and variational methods under the guidance of Haïm Brezis. Then he developed an axiomatic theory of image analysis to derive and analyze the new PDEs and variational models arising in these fields. Working on the efficient numerical implementation of these algorithms, he has progressively become a specialist of image processing, and has invented several algorithms now widespread in software and hardware. He is the initiator of nonlocal methods in image processing. Interested in image analysis as well, he has proposed a statistical theory of perception inspired from Gestalt theory and psychophysics. This theory has also found many applications for the automatic detection of objects in images and video. In recent years, he has focused on the technological, methodological and editorial changes in applied mathematics required by the development of the web, namely the possibility to publish algorithms in online executable form. This led him to found IPOL, image processing online,


Prix INRIA – French Academy of Science 2013, CNRS Médaille de l'innovation 2015, Doctor Honoris Causa of U. de la Republica Montevideo 2018.