Dr. Irum Firdous is a Postdoctoral researcher at Department of Mechanical Engineering, City University of Hong Kong.

Dr. Irum received her Ph.D. in Energy and Environment Engineering from the City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) in 2022, Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Physical Chemistry from the National Center for Excellence in Physical Chemistry (Pakistan) in 2019, and Bachelor of Studies (BS) in Physical Chemistry with distinction from University of Peshawar (Pakistan) in 2014. Between 2014-2015 Irum volunteered as a Researcher at the University of Peshawar, working on chemical synthesis and electronic device fabrication. In Ph.D. she worked as a Research Assistant for 9 months and served as a Teaching Assistant for 3 semesters.

Her research is focused on flexible and stretchable electronics of polymeric, metal oxide, and ceramic materials, processed via electrospinning, chemical batch, electroanalytical, and aging induced growth-based approaches. Also, evaluating the charge generation, distribution, accumulation, and dissipation pattern at various interfaces of wearable electronics via in-situ electrical and morphological techniques is the key feature of her interest domain. Focusing on these topics, she has written various successful grant proposal and is actively working on it. The projects funding sources are National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Council Collaborative Research Fund (CRF), and Hong Kong Government.

Dr. Irum has published 11 SCI papers in Q1 ranked peer reviewed journals, filed 1 patent application in the United States, and has participated in 10 scientific events as an oral, poster, and stall presenter. She has been awarded several Fellowship for M.Phil. (HEC-Pakistan) and Ph.D. (UGC-CityU, HEC-Pakistan).