Dr. CHAN Hok Yin (陳學然)

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Originally trained as a technician, Dr. Chan found his interest in humanities (especially in literature and history) in post-secondary school. He developed his research interest in modern China at City University where he received his Bachelor’s, M.Phi’s and PhD degrees. Hitherto, Dr. Chan has published over 60 pieces of writing in refereed journals, edited volume and conference proceedings. In 2015, he won the Hong Kong Book Prize with his book May Fourth in Hong Kong: Colonialism, Nationalism and Localism (Hong Kong: Chung Hwa Book Company, 2014). The significance of my research was reported in “Research Frontiers” published by Research Grants Council of the University Grants Committee.


Dr. Chan enjoys his teaching in City University and his teaching interests are extensive. The subjects he taught before were:

  • Modern Chinese
  • Modern Chinese Literature
  • Classical Chinese Literature
  • Chinese Communication Skills for Business
  • Readings in Pre-Qin Confucianism and Daoism
  • Topics in Chinese Thought
  • Classical Chinese
  • Great Works in Classical Chinese Literature Before Tang Dynasties
  • Chinese for the Media and Advertising
  • Topics in Chinese Literature‧The Book of Songs
  • Topics in Chinese Literature‧Wei Jin Literature
  • Topics in Chinese Literature ‧"Yuan Za Ju" & "San Yan"

Currently, Dr. Chan teaches and monitors the following subjects as a course leader:

  • Topics in Chinese Literature , for undergraduate students
  • Great Works of Chinese Literature, History & Philosophy, for postgraduate students
  • Essential Concepts in Chinese Culture , for postgraduate students

Research Interests/Areas

Dr. Chan’s research activities focus on intellectual history of late imperial China, with particular emphasis on Zhang Tai Yan, Gu Jie Gang and Neo-Confucianism as well as May Fourth Movement in recent years.


  • The May Fourth Movement through the Lens of Hong Kong (2019) is selected to enter the Best 2019 Commercial Press Book List.
  • To Build a New China: Zhang Taiyan and the May Fourth Generation is selected to be the “Top Ten Excellent Books Published by The Shanghai People’s Publishing House” in 2019’s Shanghai Book Fair
  • To Build a New China: Zhang Taiyan and the May Fourth Generation is selected to enter the “Humanities and Social Sciences of Chinese Innovative Book List” held by Wenhui Scholars, Paper Republic and The Paper in June 2019
  • Shanghai Book Fair: Good Books Recommended by Ten Shanghai Celebrities held by “ChungHua DuShu Bao” on 14th August 2019
  • Dr CHAN Hok-yin, Associate Professor of the Department of Chinese and History, won the Hong Kong Book Prize 2015 with his latest work, May Fourth in Hong Kong—The Context, Nationalism and Local Consciousness. Full Story:
  • Organize international workshops , conferences and lectures to promote learning of East Asian history; Supported by One Asia Foundation Research Grant 2013-2014(JPY5,600,000); 2015-2016(JPY4,000,000; USD4,800); 2018-2019 (USD30,000)(http://cah.cityu.edu.hk/~oneasia/http://cah.cityu.edu.hk/event/HopesandFears/ )  
  • The matching grant (allocated amount: $197,775 HKD ) is funded by University Grants Committee.(HKSAR) [FO. Ref:64406Matching Grants / UGC Sixth Matching Grant Scheme]

Services outside CityU


  • External Examiner,The Education University of Hong Kong (2020-2025) [香港教育大學校外評審(2020-2025)
  • Adviser, Centre of National History Education (Hong Kong), 2020-[國史教育中心顧問 (2020-)]
  • Committee Member, The Curriculum Development Council (CDC) and The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) Committee on Chinese History. (2019-2021) [課程發展議會及香港考試及評核局中國歷史科委員 (2019-2021)]
  • Assessment Panel for the Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector, The Research Grants Council, University Grants Committee. (2015-2018) [獲香港研究資助局(The Research Grants Council)委任為自資學位界別競逐研究資助計劃評審委員會委員(2015-2018)]
  • Assessment Panel, Monitoring & Assessment Sub-group , Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector, Research Grant Council. (2015-) [研究資助局自資學位界別競逐研究資助計劃評審委員會轄下監察與評估小組評審員 (2015-)]
  • The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA), HKDSE Chinese Literature Subject Committee Member, Vice Chairman. (2018-2021) [香港考試及評核局香港中學文憑中國文學科科目委員會委員,副主席 (2018-2021)]
  • External Examiner, Hong Kong College of Technology (2015-) [香港專業進修學校校外評審 (2015-2020)
  • Journal external reviewer, Chinese Studies (Taiwan), Cultural Studies (Taiwan), Thought And Words (Hong Kong), Journal of Chinese Literary Studies (Hong Kong), Twenty First Century (Hong Kong), Nations and Nationalism (The London School of Economics and Political Science) [期刊評審,《漢學研究》(台灣)、《文化評論》(台灣)、《思與言》(台灣)、《文學論衡》(香港)、《二十一世紀》(香港)、Nations and Nationalism (The London School of Economics and Political Science)]


Editor or Editorial Membership

  • Co-editor, Chinese Culture: Connectivity, Globality, and Modernity, (Book Series) published by Springer (one of the four largest publishers in the world). 2019- Present