Prof. LI Hin Wa (李衍樺)

BSc(Bath), PhD(CityU), CEng, MCIBSE, MHKIE    

Visiting address
Phone: +852 34427063

Author IDs


  • BC3732: Fire Engineering and Plumbing Services
  • BC3732P: Fire Engineering and Plumbing Services
  • BC4748: Design Project
  • BC4748P: Design Project
  • BC4788: Design Project
  • CA3732: Fire Engineering and Piped Services
  • CA4748: Design Project
  • CA4750: Building Services Design Practice
  • CA4790: Architectural Engineering Design Practice
  • CA5238: Building Energy and Day Lighting
  • CA6613D: Strategic Operation and Maintenance
  • CA8004: Postgraduate Seminar
  • CA8613D: Strategic Operation and Maintenance

Research Interests/Areas

Solar radiation and daylighting, energy-efficient building designs, energy conservation in buildings and building energy simulations