Dr. LAM Heung Fai (林向暉)


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Phone: +852 34427303

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Ir Dr Paul Heung-fai LAM is currently associate professor in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the City University of Hong Kong. His research interest is structural dynamics, vibration measurement, modal identification, structural model updating and damage detection, Bayesian system identification, design and analysis of vertical axis wind turbine. Dr Lam has over 100 papers published with over 30 keynotes and invited lectures/presentations. A total of HK$39,100,275 research grant has been funded. Dr Lam is awarded Pengcheng Scholar Chair Professor in Harbin Institution of Technology (Shenzhen) form 2019 to 2021 (financially supported by Shenzhen government).

Dr Lam is the President of the Hong Kong Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (HKSTAM) and the Chairman (Education and Training) of the Hong Kong Construction Metal Structures Association (HKCMSA). Dr Lam is the General Secretary of the International Steering Committee (ISC) of the East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction (EASEC), which is one of the most important structural engineering conference series in the region (EASEC has been held regularly every two years since 1986). Furthermore, Dr Lam is a committee member of ASCE Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) in both the “Structural Health Monitoring and Control” and “Dynamics” Committee. 

Dr Lam is the guest editor of International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics (IJSSD) on the special issue on Structural Assessment and Health Monitoring. He is the editorial board member for “International Journal of Lifecycle Performance Engineering” and “Advanced Steel Construction – an International Journal”. 

Apart from research and professional leadership, Dr Lam dedicated tremendous effort in teaching and curriculum design. He is the Winner of Teaching Excellence Award (TEA) 2007/2008, and a total of HK$1,172,000 teaching grant has been funded.


  • BC3154: Computer Application in Construction
  • BC3154F: Computer Application in Construction
  • BC3154P: Computer Application in Construction
  • BC3619: Design of Structural Elements
  • BC3619P: Design of Structural Elements
  • BC4157: Computer Application for Structural Engineering
  • BC4157P: Computer Application for Structural Engineering
  • BC4516P: Final Year Project
  • BC4643: Structural Dynamics and Stability
  • BC4643P: Structural Dynamics and Stability
  • BCH2903: Learning to Learn
  • CA3619: Design of Structural Elements
  • CA3704: Construction Engineering
  • CA4157: Computer Application for Structural Engineering
  • CA4639: Integrated Design Project
  • CA6608: Modern Structural Engineering
  • CA6608D: Advanced Structural Engineering

Research Interests/Areas

Structural dynamics, vibration measurement, modal identification, structural model updating, structural damage detection, crack detection, structural health monitoring, vibration control, artificial neural networks design, web-based information management system.