Prof. Hector RODRIGUEZ (羅海德)

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Phone: +852 34427056

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Dr Hector Rodriguez is an experimental interdisciplinary software artist. His work investigates the specific possibilities of information technologies to reconfigure our experience of moving images and our relation to film history. He integrates visual art with mathematics and computer science, exploring the tension between digital abstraction and visual representation.

His digital prints and video installations have been shown at the WRO biennial (Wroclaw, Poland), the Saatchi Gallery (London, England), the Friedericianum Museum (Kassel, Germany), Gwacheon National Science Museum (Seoul, Korea), Siggraph Asia, the Loop Video Art Festival, and other venues and events. His installation Gestus: Judex (2010-2012) received an Achievement Award from the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards and was a Jury Selection at the Japan Media Arts Festival. His animation Res Extensa (2003) received the award for best digital work in the Hong Kong Art Biennial 2003.

He has written several theoretical essays about games/play studies, film and philosophy, and cinema history, which have been published in such journals as Screen, Games Studies, and Cinema Journal. Rodriguez received his PhD in Cinema Studies from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

He now teaches courses about Art and Mathematics, Generative Art, Interdisciplinary Practice, and Science for Artists. He is a member of the Writing Machine Collective.

Research Interests/Areas

  • Art and Mathematics
  • Cinema Studies
  • Computational Cinema
  • Interdisciplinary Art
  • Ludology and Games Studies
  • Software Art