Dr. KRAEMER Harald Peter


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Dr. Harald Kraemer is a highly dedicated teacher who combines his experiences as an art and media historian, creative director, producer, systems analyst, and as curator and exhibition designer, to develop the audio-visual perception abilities and critical analytical skills of his students. Since 1998 he has designed and produced more than 60 multimedia applications including Vienna Walk Demo, Art and Industry, Virtual Transfer Musée Suisse, and Artcampus to use interactive technology as pathways to knowledge. As a systems analyst in Museum Informatics he has analysed and planned complex Museum Management Systems for over 40 museums. He was trained in museology and curatorship, with expertise on the perception, communication, and making of exhibitions (projects including Aura, Pendants Parlants, The Age of Experience).

Kraemer taught at the universities of Bern, Cologne, Constance, Krems, Luneburg and Zurich. In his approach, students are trained to create interactive applications that are stimulating and rich in content, while being led into critical viewing and perception through studying extensively the writings of Virilio, Bresson, Aicher to Cicero, Alberti and Sunzi.

Kraemer received a PhD in History of Art from Trier University, Germany, for his thesis about museum informatics. He completed a first postdoctoral (Dipl. Curator) in Museum Studies and Curatorship from Institute of Cultural Sciences in Vienna. He has published widely on the subjects of media, design and museums and edited several books on contemporary art for TRANSFUSIONEN. Currently he is working on two books, Multimedia Classics – Hypermedia Hermeneutics – Transmedia Storytelling and Handbook about Curatorship, Arts and Exhibition Management.

Research Interests/Areas

  • 19th-21st Century Art / Media / Design
  • Media Archaeology
  • Media Design History
  • Museum Informatics & Digital Collections
  • Museums, Exhibition Making & Design
  • Utopian and Dystopian Science Fiction Film