Dr. CHEN Hailiang (陳海亮)

PhD - Management Information Systems 
MS - Economics 
BM - Information Management and Information Systems 


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Willing to take PhD students: yes


Hailiang Chen is interested in the research areas of social media, multichannel management, business analytics, venture capital, entrepreneurship, mobile commerce, economics of information systems, and design science. His research has been published in elite business journals in information systems, finance, and management, including Information Systems Research (ISR), Management Science (MS), Review of Financial Studies (RFS), and Strategic Management Journal (SMJ). His research received media coverage in outlets such as Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Reuters, Seeking Alpha, TechSpot, and so on.

His teaching interests include innovation and technology entrepreneurship, electronic commerce, social media, internet marketing, computer programming, database management, web design and development, human-computer interaction, and business analytics.


Teaching Areas

  • Information Management Consulting Project
  • Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship
  • eCommerce Business Strategies & Management
  • Human-Computer Interaction and Multimedia

Research Interests/Areas

  • Social Media
  • FinTech
  • Big Data
  • Business Analytics
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Multichannel Management
  • Venture Capital
  • Economics of Information Systems
  • Design Science