Prof. HUANG Guanxiong (黃冠雄)

BA (Fudan University), MPhil (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), PhD (Michigan State University)                   

Visiting address
Phone: +852 34425967

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Willing to take PhD students: yes


Guanxiong Huang holds a doctoral degree in Media and Information Studies from Michigan State University, USA. Her research interests include media psychology, persuasive technology, health and risk communication, as well as advertising and marketing communications. Her work has appeared in top-tier communication, business, and interdisciplinary journals such as Journal of Communication, Communication Research, New Media & Society, Health Communication, Science Communication, Journal of Business Research, Nature Communications, and Science Advances.

Her current projects include 1) countering misinformation on social media, 2) consumer responses to AI applications in marketing communications, and 3) promoting healthy lifestyles with persuasive technologies. She uses a variety of research methods in these projects, including experiment, survey, research synthesis, and computational methods. 

Research Interests/Areas

  • Persuasion & media psychology
  • Digital advertising & integrated marketing communications
  • Health & risk communication, message design, eHealth & mHealth
  • Eye-tracking & psychophysiological measures
  • Meta-analysis


COM2401 Fundamentals of Advertising

COM2116 Audience Analytics and Media Strategies

COM5402 Public Relations Strategies

COM5102 Global Media in the Digital Era