Prof. CHEN Fu-Rong (陳福榮)

PhD Stony Brook University, USA
B.S National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Visiting address
Phone: +852 34424621

Author IDs

Research Interests/Areas

Low Dose 3D atomic resolution electron tomography
Soft materials dynamics imaging
Quantum electron microscopy
Solar energy tunable (SET) glass

Fu-Rong conducts research on atomic resolution dynamics for the soft materials imaging with aberration corrected environmental TEM equipped with a femto-second pulse electron gun with a  laser for sample stimulus  and a fast read-out camera.


1986.       Research Award of Stony Brook
2005        The Highest Research award from NSC, Engineering division
2005-2007   The Highest award from NSC, Engineering division.
2011        Award for excellent professor (administration of Education & NTHU)
2012        The Highest Research award  from MOST
2012        The Distinguished Professor of Tsing Hua University
2013        European Microscopy Society Outstanding paper Award
2013        MOST:『Excellent Research and Academic Award in Nanotechnology』 
2013        MOST:『Excellent Start-Up Company award in Nanotechnology』and『Excellent Start-Up Company Award』 
2015        Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry: 『The 12th national prize for enterprise innovation』(Nereuscope : fluid/ fluorescent confocal electron microscope)
2016        The 51th San-Yat Sen Academic and Cultural Foundation Award: Science Category