Dr. LEE En-yuan Joshua (李恩源)

BA, MEng, MA, PhD (Cantab), SMIEEE


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Dr. Joshua Lee received the BA and MEng (Distinction) degrees in 2005 and the PhD degree in 2009; all from the University of Cambridge where he was a member of St. John's College Cambridge. During his PhD, he was affiliated with the Nanoscience Centre and the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge. He joined the faculty of City University of Hong Kong in June 2009 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering. He is currently an Associate Professor and is affiliated with the State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves; the first laboratory of its kind in the engineering discipline in Hong Kong.

His research interest lies in the area of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), looking into various aspects concerning their design, computational and analytical modeling, fabrication and electrical characterization, as well as studying issues arising from interfacing MEMS with circuits. He is a Senior Member of IEEE. He also serves as an active reviewer for a number of international journals on the topic of MEMS. He was awarded a Research Student Development Fellowship (1 of 4) by the Royal Academy of Engineering in Jan 2008. Two of his PhD students received two of six Student Awards at the 2014 European Frequency and Time Forum, while another was awarded the CSE Student Research Excellence Award in 2014.


Award and Achievement

  • Jun 2019, “Outstanding Teacher Award 2018/19 (Level 1 Course, 1st Prize)” Dept. of Electronic Engineering
  • Dec 2018, “Outstanding Supervisor Award 2018 Office of the Provost, City University of Hong Kong
  • Dec 2017, “Outstanding Supervisor Award 2017 Office of the Provost, City University of Hong Kong
  • Jun 2015 “Outstanding Teacher Award 2014/15 (Level 2 Course, 1st Prize)” Dept. of Electronic Engineering.
  • Jun 2015 “Outstanding Teacher Award 2014/15 (GE/Level 1 Course, 2nd Prize)” Dept. of Electronic Engineering.
  • Jun 2014 “Student Paper Award (Technical Groups 1 and 4)” 28th European Frequency and Time Forum (EFTF2014). A total of 6 awards were presented to student presenters, 2 of which were given to students supervised by Dr Lee. [URL]
  • Jun 2014 “Outstanding Teacher Award 2013/14 (Level 2 Course, 2nd Prize)” Dept. of Electronic Engineering.
  • Jun 2013 “Outstanding Teacher Award 2012/13 (GE/Level 1 Course, First Prize)” Dept. of Electronic Engineering.
  • Jan 2008 “Research Student Development Fellowship” Royal Academy of Engineering.
  • Jul 2005 “Hockin Prize” St. John's College, Cambridge.
  • Jul 2005 “Cargil Prize” St. John's College, Cambridge.
  • Jul 2005 “Townsend Scholar” St. John's College, Cambridge.
  • Apr 2004 “Shell Prize” Dept. of Engineering, Cambridge University.

Research Interests/Areas

  • Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • Micromechanical Resonators
  • Microsensors
  • Piezoelectric Devices
  • Acoustic Devices

Services in CityU

Administrative Assignment

  • Jul 2016 - Jun 2020, Research Degree Programmes, Programme Leader.
  • Sep 2013 - Jun 2020, Electronic Circuits & Projects (ECP) Laboratory, Director.