Dr. Dennitza GABRAKOVA


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    2007 PhD Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, University of Tokyo, Japan
    2001 MA Asian Studies, University of Oregon, USA
    2000 MA Japanese Studies, University of Sofia, Bulgaria


    Dennitza Gabrakova has studied and researched in the areas of Japanese Studies, East Asian Studies and Comparative literature. Her main focus is on Japanese Modern literature within the context of world literature and from an East Asia perspective. Her dissertation submitted to the University of Tokyo explored the politics and poetics of the “weed”-imagery in Modern Japan. After a year and a half of postdoctoral research at Hosei University, University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy and University of Tokyo Contemporary Literary Studies program she moved to Hong Kong to assume her present post.


    • Japanese Literature
    • Japanese Culture
    • Translation Studies

    Research Interests/Areas

    Discipline: Japanese Literature & Culture

    • Lu Xun
    • Japanese Modern Literature
    • Poetics of Space
    • East Asia
    • Utopian Studies

     Current/Recent Research Projects

    • “The Unnamable Archipelago: Insular Readings in Contemporary Japanese Fiction”