Prof. LI Danfeng Denver (李丹楓)

PhD, University of Geneva

M.Phil., The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

B.Eng., Zhejiang University

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Phone: +852 34427837

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Willing to take PhD students: yes


Dr Danfeng Li obtained his B.Eng. from Zhejiang University and M.Phil. from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (advisor: Prof Ji-yan Dai). Shortly after earning his Ph.D. (2016) in the Department of Quantum Matter Physics at University of Geneva (advisor: Prof Jean-Marc Triscone), Dr Li joined Stanford University as a Swiss National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellow, working with Prof Harold Hwang. He has been an Assistant Professor at CityU from November 2020. Dr Li's main research interests span across condensed-matter physics and materials science, focusing on atomic-scale fabrication of oxide heterostructures and nanomembranes, kinetic based synthesis of unconventional quantum materials, low-dimensional superconductivity, oxide interfaces for emergent states, etc. In 2019, a team led by Dr Li and Prof Hwang discovered the first nickelate superconductor, which had been a target of continuous materials search for over three decades.

李丹楓博士,本科畢業於浙江大學材料科學與工程專業,隨後獲得香港理工大學應用物理系研究型碩士學位(師從戴吉岩教授),2016年獲得瑞士日內瓦大學量子物理系博士學位(師從Jean-Marc Triscone教授)。 2017年2月受瑞士國家自然科學基金資助,加入美國斯坦福大學從事博士後研究(合作導師Harold Hwang教授)。2020年11月加入城大物理系任助理教授。主要從事新型氧化物電子薄膜製備、原子尺度異質結外延生長、低維超導體系及界面新奇物理性質等相關研究。近年來在NatureScienceNature MaterialsNature PhysicsPhysical Review LettersNature Communications等學術期刊發表多篇重要論文。 2019年,他與Hwang教授領導的研究小組在世界上首次發現鎳氧化物超導材料,解决了困扰超导学界超过三十年的难题,引起很大反響。

Research Interests/Areas

  • Growth and study of the newly discovered nickelate superconductors; physics in the phase diagram.

  • New materials synthetic approaches to novel superconductors and other quantum materials.

  • Low-temperature quantum transport and possible topological phases at the oxide interfaces

  • Various degrees of freedom and their coupling strength in the transition-metal oxide heterostructures/superlattices.


  • Assistant Professor, City University of Hong Kong (11.2020 - present)

  • Postdoctoral Fellow (Advisor: Harold Hwang), Stanford University (02.2017 - 10.2020)

  • Postdoctoral Scholar (Advisor: Jean-Marc Triscone), University of Geneva (11.2016 - 01.2017)

  • Graduate Research Assistant (Advisor: Jean-Marc Triscone), University of Geneva (04.2011 - 10.2016)

  • Research Assistant (Advisor: Ji-yan Dai),The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (09.2010 - 01.2011)

Editor or Editorial Membership

Guest editor to Frontiers in Physics, “Advances in Superconducting Infinite-Layer and Related Nickelates"


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  • QC Physics - Condensed Matter, Superconductivity, Complex Oxides, Quantum Materials, Thin films and Heterostructures