Dr. KIM Dal Young


Author IDs

Willing to take PhD students: yes
Willing to talk to media: yes


DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) Chungbuk National University College of Veterinary Medicine in Korea

Veterinary Researcher, National Veterinary Research Quarantine and Service in Korea

PhD Veterinary Virology, Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine Dept of Pathobiology

Postdoc fellow, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Microbiology & Immunology Dept

Postdoc fellow/research associate, University of Alabama at Birmingham Dept of Microbiology

Principal investigator, Inbios International Inc at Seattle

Research Interests/Areas

- Vaccine delivery platfom development

- Swine viral pathogens and veterinary virology

- Zoonotic infectious viral pathogesn, vector-borne diseases, arboviruses


- Veterinary microbiology

- Host/agents/Defense

- Veterinary Virology