CHEN Ching Hung (陳景鴻)


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Research Interests/Areas

Second Language Writing (Language Development & Contrastive Rhetoric), Pragmatics


1. Hsin, A. L., Yang, C. M., Chen, C. H., & Tseng, W. T. (2005). 跨文化的安慰語言談行為 研究及其對華語教材設計之啟示。[Speech Act in condolence expression: A crosscultural analysis and its implication for teaching Chinese as a foreign language]. 台灣 華語文教學學會年會暨研討會論文集,頁 105-114,桃園,台灣。 

2. Chen, C. H. & Wang, Y. F. (2006). Politeness strategies in Chinese and English argumentative writing: A preliminary study. Proceedings of the Fifteenth Conference on English Teaching and Learning in the Republic of China (pp. 250-260). Taipei: Crane. 

3. Liao, M. T. & Chen, C. H. (2009). Rhetorical Strategies in Chinese and English: A Comparison of L1 Composition Textbooks. Foreign Language Annals, 42(4), 603-761.

Services outside CityU

Kaohsiung Municipal Kaohsiung Senior High School, full time English instructor


Chen, Ching Hung has been working in Taiwan as senior high school English teacher for 11 years. He is now taking a study leave at CityU for his Ph.D. degree.