LIU Chao (劉超)


  1. 2019
  2. Institutional Research Tuition Scholarship

    FENG, Kuo (Recipient), LIU, Senyi (Recipient), VU, Tien Luyen (Recipient), HUANG, Hao (Recipient), WAN, Qianya (Recipient), ZHANG, Yuwei (Recipient), DUAN, Huayi (Recipient), HUANG, Xiaona (Recipient), XIAO, Yanjun (Recipient), ZHENG, Xuejiao (Recipient), DIAO, Yingxue (Recipient), SHI, Yu (Recipient), YAN, Wenrong (Recipient), LIU, Yang (Recipient), LIU, Chao (Recipient), MAI, Shuyi (Recipient), HUANG, Yongcan (Recipient) & ZHANG, Xin Daniel (Recipient), 1 Sep 2019

    Prize / Honour: Prizes and awards (RGC: 64B)64B_Prizes and awards

  3. 2018
  4. Outstanding Academic Performance Award for Research Degree Students (non UGC-funded students)

    DUAN, Huayi (Recipient), XU, Xiaoyu (Recipient), WANG, Kewei (Recipient), CUI, Helei (Recipient), WANG, Xinyu (Recipient), WANG, Yufan (Recipient), LO, Hoi Shing (Recipient), REN, Yutian (Recipient), XU, Xiang (Recipient), GAO, Feng (Recipient), XU, Zoufeng (Recipient), LIANG, Xiongyi (Recipient), SONG, Dan (Recipient), LI, Dengfeng (Recipient), LI, Yingxue (Recipient), LU, Haojian (Recipient), HUI, John (Recipient), YAN, Wenrong (Recipient), CHEN, Shunwei (Recipient), LUO, Yixiao (Recipient), XIONG, Wei (Recipient), LIU, Qi (Recipient), LIU, Yanting (Recipient), LI, Huangcan (Recipient), VU, Tien Luyen (Recipient), PACHAN KRISHNAN, Rithin (Recipient), ZHU, Lina (Recipient), LIU, Yang (Recipient), KIM, Younjung (Recipient), HUANG, Hao (Recipient), LUI, Ka Ki David (Recipient), MAI, Shuyi (Recipient), ZHANG, Xin Daniel (Recipient), ZHENG, Xuejiao (Recipient), HUANG, Xiaona (Recipient), TONG, Kai Kit (Recipient), IP, Priscilla Sei Yah (Recipient), FAN, Wing To (Recipient), AN, Yao (Recipient), DIAO, Yingxue (Recipient), FU, Sijing (Recipient), LIU, Chao (Recipient), MAN, Siu Shing (Recipient), SHI, Yu (Recipient), SUN, Wei (Recipient), WAN, Qianya (Recipient), WANG, Xuan (Recipient), WANG, Zhaoyue (Recipient), YEUNG, Chi Fung (Recipient), ZHANG, Wenhao (Recipient), ZHANG, Yuwei (Recipient), HOU, Changshun (Recipient) & LI, Jiankang (Recipient), 16 Aug 2018

    Prize / Honour: Prizes and awards (RGC: 64B)64B_Prizes and awards