Miss TU Caixie (屠采擷)


  1. 2014
  2. 2013
  3. Outstanding Academic Performance Award for Research Degree Students (non-local UGC-funded students)

    Audrey SAMSON (Recipient), HOCHHERZ, Olaf Thorsten (Recipient), Alessandro CARBONI (Recipient), Yuqing FENG (Recipient), Jun WANG (Recipient), Limin LI (Recipient), Qi SHAO (Recipient), Ming FANG (Recipient), Jiadong ZHANG (Recipient), Shuming JIAO (Recipient), Jingjin Timothy WU (Recipient), Xiaotai HUANG (Recipient), Yu ZHANG (Recipient), Yuming LI (Recipient), Jie CHEN (Recipient), Yahua LIU (Recipient), TU, Caixie (Recipient), LIN, Sixian (Recipient), XIA, Chuanli (Recipient), Liang ZHENG (Recipient), Zahid ULLAH (Recipient), Ling JIANG (Recipient), Wenping ZHANG (Recipient), Mohsen TORABI (Recipient), Jing GUO (Recipient), Yuqiang FANG (Recipient), Longmei CHEN (Recipient), Md Sanwar SIRAJ (Recipient), JIN, Qiuping (Recipient), Hongtao XUE (Recipient), Huadong MO (Recipient), Jian LU (Recipient), Penghui LI (Recipient), Christopher Michael LEE (Recipient), Jie LIU (Recipient), Adeel MUMTAZ (Recipient), Yanjiao LI (Recipient), Juncao BIAN (Recipient), MADRID MORALES, Daniel (Recipient), Yao XIN (Recipient), LIU, Benben (Recipient), Guodong YE (Recipient), Angelo Maria SOLARINO (Recipient), Jun ZHANG (Recipient), LONG, Huan (Recipient), KHAN, Sarfaraz Ahmed (Recipient), Xiaoqing TANG (Recipient), Xiaofang HU (Recipient), Ligang SUN (Recipient), CARLEVAN, Romain Francois-Noel (Recipient), Xiaoyue ZHU (Recipient), Li ZHOU (Recipient), Ganchao CHEN (Recipient), Huatang ZHANG (Recipient), Dong WANG (Recipient), SUN, Chenguang (Recipient), Jianfu LI (Recipient), Jiangli DONG (Recipient), Shengfeng HE (Recipient), Yuan GAO (Recipient), Wenqing ZHAO (Recipient), Li LI (Recipient), Mimi ZHANG (Recipient), Xiaoyi CHEN (Recipient), Yanan ZHANG (Recipient), Li YAN (Recipient), Yan YAN (Recipient), ZHUANG, Yingyi (Recipient), Bolin CAO (Recipient), Xingliang YUAN (Recipient), Haoshen ZHU (Recipient), Iman HARYMAWAN (Recipient), Weili WANG (Recipient), Maria Cristina TODISCO (Recipient), Md Kamal UDDIN (Recipient), Haoyu ZHANG (Recipient), Budi ZHAO (Recipient), JIANG, Cheng (Recipient), KARAS, Ewelina (Recipient), TYRALA, Michael (Recipient), TRITTO, Angela (Recipient), Man WANG (Recipient), Pengjiang WEI (Recipient), Mengying ZHAO (Recipient), Rui ZHANG (Recipient), Jilu WANG (Recipient), Wenting ZHU (Recipient), Xuanji JIA (Recipient), Xin CUI (Recipient), Wei LI (Recipient), Peng WU (Recipient), LIU, Bin (Recipient), Weihong JIN (Recipient), Jan Michael Alexandre Cortez BERNADAS (Recipient), Hanyu XIAO (Recipient), Xiao HU (Recipient), Manish Kumar JAISWAL (Recipient), Xiaozhou LI (Recipient), Lele KANG (Recipient), Chongshou LI (Recipient), Maimaitireyimu WUBULIHAIREN (Recipient) & Wenjie DUAN (Recipient), 16 Aug 2013

    Prize / Honour: Prizes and awards (RGC: 64B)64B_Prizes and awards