Dr. Birgit LINDER (彭吉蒂)


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    BA Equiv. in Sinology, Dutch Literature, Politics (University of Cologne, Germany)
    MA in Chinese (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
    PhD in Chinese Literature, minor in German (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
    Post-Doc in Chinese Literature (Peking University, China)


    Birgit Linder studied and taught in Germany, the United States, and China. In addition to teaching and researching in the fields of pre-modern and modern literature, comparative literature, Chinese and Asian film, Chinese cultural studies, and German, she has also worked in other areas of higher education, such as establishment of study abroad programs (US-China), curriculum development in Chinese and Asian liberal arts education, service-learning, gender and development studies, social work education, China-India, and Christian Studies in China. Her current research interests focus mainly on concepts of madness and mental illness in Chinese and Asian cultures and literatures, cross-cultural psychologies, comparative literature (Asia, Europe), marginal writers, comparative post-totalitarianism in literature, and issues of national literatures.


    • Madness and Literature
    • The Gothic in Literature and Culture
    • Survey of Chinese Literature
    • Comparative Literature
    • Film
    • Cultural Studies
    • Topics in Literature and Culture

    Research Interests/Areas

    Discipline: Comparative Literary Studies

    • Madness and Literature
    • Medical Humanities
    • Gothic in Literature and Culture
    • Chinese Literature and Culture
    • Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies
    • German Literature
    • Poetry

    Current/Recent Research Projects

    • Madness in Chinese Literature
    • Medical Humanities
    • Gothic in Chinese Literature
    • Translations of Chinese madness stories