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Dr Anne Peirson-Smith is Assistant Professor in the Department of English, City University of Hong Kong. She teaches and researches fashion studies, fashion communication, creative industries, popular culture and professional persuasive communication (public relations and advertising). She is currently researching such topics as 'cosplay' and youth fashion styles in South East Asia, the status of labour in the creative industries and the use of visual symbolism in fashion advertising campaigns. Dr Anne Peirson-Smith's work blends her academic and professional experience, as she previously worked in the public relations and branding industry and as a corporate trainer for major international clients. She published Public Relations in Asia Pacific: Communicating Effectively Across Cultures (Wiley 2009). She is an associate editor of the Journal of Fashion, Style and Popular Culture (Intellect Books) and editor of English refinwmnt for the Joiunral of Global Fashion Marketing (Taylor Francis) She has published widely in the field of fashion studies and is co-editor of Global Fashion Brands: Style, Luxury & History (Intellect Books, 2014); Transglobal Fashion Narratives: Clothing Communication, Style Statements and Brand Storytelling (Intellect Books: May 2018); Planet Cosplay (Intellect Books:  forthcoming 2019); and The Business of Fashion (Berg/Fairchild: forthcoming 2019).

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Creative industries, Fashion communication, Fashion discourse, Branding discourse, Fashion culture, Popular culture pedagogy