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PhD in Urbanism and Spatial Planning, University of Paris-Est, France

PhD in Urbanism, University of Architecture in Venice, Italy (IUAV)

Master of Architecture, University of Architecture in Venice, Italy (IUAV)

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Architecture in Venice, Italy (IUAV)


Dr. Andrea Palmioli is Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the City-University of Hong Kong where he teaches landscape architecture and design studios. Before joining City University, he was Visiting Teaching and Research Fellow in the Division of Landscape Architecture at The University of Hong Kong. Prior to that, he was UKNA Fellow at Shanghai Academy of Social Science and at the School of Architecture University of Tianjin among others. Dr. Palmioli holds a PhD in Urban Planning and Territorial Management from the EDVTT University of Paris-Est in France and in Urbanism at the IUAV Postgraduate School of Urbanism, University of Architecture in Venice, Italy.

His research investigates patterns and processes of spatial restructuring in China's extended metropolitan regions with a particular focus on the rural industrialization in the Yangtze river delta. His research fields concern the ecology and planning of bioregional territories; aggregative economies of agro-industrial rural systems; transitional landscape patterns of Chinese urbanization; Sino-European comparative studies on diffuses metropolis; agency of agrarian Infrastructures in YRD's hybrid urbanization; cultural landscape and visual identity of Chinese geographical place names. Dr. Palmioli is interested in urban and regional development, emerging territorial structures. His work focuses on interchanges between ecological and built systems as alternative urban models and prototypes.

Research Interests/Areas

-Bioregional Planning

-Rural Aggregative Economies

-Landscape Eco-Infrastructures

-Rural/Periurban Urbanization

-Territories of Dispersal in Lower Yangzi Delta

-Sino-European Comparative Studies on Diffuse Metropolis

-Spatial Identity of Chinese Toponyms