Dr. Alec William KIRKLEY


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Willing to take PhD students: yes


I am an Assistant Professor in the City University of Hong Kong School of Data Science. I obtained my Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Michigan, where I was advised by Mark Newman. Prior to this, I obtained a B.S. in Physics and B.A. in Mathematics at the University of Rochester, where I did research with Gourab Ghoshal.

Research Interests/Areas

I am interested in the theory of complex networks and statistical physics, as well as their applications in urban and social systems. My main areas of focus are:

  1. Theory of complex networks:
    • characterization of structure in networks with metadata
    • analysis and algorithms for statistical inference with network data
  2. Statistical physics of urban systems:
    • structure and dynamics of human mobility
    • spatial socioeconomic inequality 

My research involves a balance of mathematical theory, computer simulation, and analysis of empirical data.