College of Business

Department of Marketing

Organisational unit: Academic Departments


  1. TSG(CityU): Mobile-based Learning Discovery Curriculum

    TONG, Y., SIA, C. L., TAN, C. H. & ZENG, X. M.


    Project: Research

  2. DON: Service Leadership Initiative

    CHANDRA, Y., CHAN, J., CHENG, S. H., CHEUNG, C. Y., CHEUNG, W. L. R., CHONG, M. L. A., CHOW, O. W. E., DOU, W., EDESESS, M., ENG, B. C., FUNG, L. C. A., HAYLLAR, M. R., HIGGINS, P., LEE, V. P. Y., LEUNG, Y. H. J., LI, K. W., LONDON, J. D., MONDEJAR, R., NG, S. H., VYAS, L., WAGNER, C., WONG, Y. C., WONG, J., WONG, D. F. & YU, E.


    Project: Research