College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Department of Chinese and History

Organisational unit: Academic Departments


  1. GRF: 中國漢傳佛教戒律學之研究

    WUT, T. S.


    Project: Research

  2. GRF: 俞樾《諸子平議》斠正

    KWOK, P. F. & LIU, W. C.


    Project: Research

  3. EXT: Preservation and Development of Kunqu Opera as Cultural Heritage in Hong Kong and Taiwan

    CHENG, P. K., CHANG, Y. & WANG, A.


    Project: Research

  4. DON: Service Leadership Initiative

    CHANDRA, Y., CHAN, J., CHENG, S. H., CHEUNG, C. Y., CHEUNG, W. L. R., CHONG, M. L. A., CHOW, O. W. E., DOU, W., EDESESS, M., ENG, B. C., FUNG, L. C. A., HAYLLAR, M. R., HIGGINS, P., LEE, V. P. Y., LEUNG, Y. H. J., LI, K. W., LONDON, J. D., MONDEJAR, R., NG, S. H., VYAS, L., WAGNER, C., WONG, Y. C., WONG, J., WONG, D. F. & YU, E.


    Project: Research

  5. APR: A Discourse and Genre Analyses on Company Annual Reports in Chinese

    WONG, P. K., FANG, C. A., LI, B. & LUNG, W. Y. J.


    Project: Research

  6. EXT: 北宋校正醫書局新探

    FAN, K. W.


    Project: Research

  7. SRG: Research into 16th-century Sino-Portuguese Porcelain Trade in the Pearl River Estuary Region

    CHENG, P. K., FAN, M., JIN, G. & QIN, D.


    Project: Research

  8. GRF: 王念孫《讀書雜志》斠正

    KWOK, P. F., CHAN, Y., HSU, T., KWOK, B. C., LIU, W. C. & SIU, K.


    Project: Research

  9. TDG(CityU): GIS for Teaching Chinese Civilization: Integrating Google Map, Wikipedia and Video on Demand

    KWOK, K. H., FAN, K. W., LAU, S. N., LEO, L. F., QIAN, H. & WUT, T. S.


    Project: Research

  10. GRF: Kunqu Heritage in 20th Century China

    CHENG, P. K., CHAN, C. M., CHANG, V., KIN, B., KOO, S. S., Li, X. & Liu, J.


    Project: Research