The Innovative Well-developed Assessment Tools for the Hong Kong Police Force


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Description of impact

In 2009, Dr Annis Fung designed assessment tools for the Police Force and Correctional Services Department for distinguishing the subtypes of reactive and proactive aggressors.

For the Hong Kong Police Force, the assessment tool could assist officers in making discerning judgements on reactive and proactive aggression for each suspect across different kinds of crimes, such as murder, assault, family violence, and attack. Based on the distinction, the officers could distinguish the uniqueness of cognition, emotion, and behaviour of each suspect, and hence provide assistant in gathering evidence for criminal investigation and suspect apprehension.

For Correction Service Department (CSD) of the HKSAR, the method on the distinction of reactive and proactive aggression in aggressive and violent behaviour among inmates was beneficial for the officers and to handle inmates differently in particular ways based on their specific subtype of aggression. Besides, to assist inmates in reducing their aggressive behaviour and ultimately lowering the relapse rate. Also, an innovative omega-3 adjunct therapy was introduced, which would remove the brain dysfunction that predisposes one to aggression and enhance brain structure and function, such as boosting synaptic functioning, reducing cell death and regulating neurotransmitter functioning and expression. Thus, the rate of relapse and recidivism would be expectedly reduced.