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  1. Provision of Teacher Professional Development Course Series on Optimising Secondary Chinese Language

    Hok Yin CHAN (Participant), May Bo CHING (Participant), Pang Fei KWOK (Participant), Chia Hui LU (Participant), Wendong CUI (Participant) & Chao LING (Participant)

    Impact: Public policy impacts, Cultural impacts, Social impacts

  2. Quoted in the Business Briefs of JETRO

    Jiangyu WANG (Participant)

    Impact: Public policy impacts

  3. Rethinking and reshaping knowledge of aging

    Oi Wah Esther CHOW (Participant)

    Impact: Social impacts, Public policy impacts, Quality of life impacts

  4. Social Work Practicum Education

    Oi Wah Esther CHOW (Participant)

    Impact: Social impacts

  5. Storm under the Sun 紅日風暴

    Shiyu Louisa WEI (Participant) & Xiaolian Peng (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural impacts

  6. Uses of XR in Palliative Care

    Alvaro CASSINELLI (Participant)

    Impact: Quality of life impacts