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  1. Mandarin VerbNet

    Meichun LIU (Participant)

    Impact: Other impacts

  2. MOOC: Virtual Hong Kong: New World, Old Traditions

    Hoi To WONG (Participant), Ho Shing Horace IP (Participant) & Ka Fai MA (Participant)

    Impact: Cultural impacts


    Juan Antonio ZAPIEN (Participant)

    Impact: Public policy impacts

  4. Paper cited by U.S. Congress

    Lauren Yu-Hsin LIN (Participant)

    Impact: Public policy impacts

  5. Professor

    Fui Hoon NAH (Participant)

    Impact: Companies

  6. Quoted in the Business Briefs of JETRO

    Jiangyu WANG (Participant)

    Impact: Public policy impacts

  7. Rethinking and reshaping knowledge of aging

    Oi Wah Esther CHOW (Participant)

    Impact: Social impacts, Public policy impacts, Quality of life impacts

  8. Social Work Practicum Education

    Oi Wah Esther CHOW (Participant)

    Impact: Social impacts