Participation in the Luce Dialogue on U.S.-China Relations During and After the Pandemic

Impact: Public policy impacts

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Description of impact

I was invited to participate and present at the prestigious Luce Dialogue on U.S.-China relations on 28 May 2020. The Luce Dialogue, a so-called track II diplomacy channel, aims to shed light on the Chinese and American views of relations during and after the coronavirus pandemic, identifying points of consensus where they exist and defining conceptual and strategic differences that hamper cooperation. The dialogue will highlight major challenges to the relationship, old and new, that confront both countries and the global community as they emerge from the crisis. The dialogue will provide a regular channel for frank communication between policy communities of both sides. The two main areas of focus are (1) to clarify both nations' positions in order to avoid misperceptions and misjudgments; and (2) to explore the possibility of increasing cooperation to alleviate the crisis.

Category of impact

  • Public policy impacts