Lecture on "Conflict and Integration of the Eastern and Western Culture"

Impact: Cultural impacts, Social impacts

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Description of impact

Prof. Zhang Longxi delivered a lecture on “Conflict and Integration of the Eastern and Western Culture” at a television programme named “Century Forum Lecture” by the Phoenix Television on 17 February, 2016. The programme is 36 minutes long. In the recent years, the discussion on cultural conflict and integration of the east and west has a high-profile in the community. Prof. Zhang discussed the experience and principles of the cultural conflict and integration of China and the West in history.

Prof. Zhang’s lecture was broadcasted by Phoenix Satellite Television and the coverage of the programme reaches the mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The programme can also be seen on YouTube, CNTV website, 360DOC and Sogou etc. There has been 3761 views on YouTube. Phoenix Satellite Television has an estimated of more than 300 million viewers are from the Mainland China, plus the number of views on online platforms, it is believed that the total number of views should be much more than 300 million. “Century Forum Lecture” was praised by the New Weekly, as “the most valuable television programme in China for the last 15 years”. The purpose of this program is to disseminate academic insights to the community through plain language. Thus, it is a very influential programme. The lectures’ content will also be published by the Liaoning People’s Publishing House.

Category of impact

  • Cultural impacts
  • Social impacts