Invited Professional Regular Training Seminars at the Government Departments (HKPF, EDB, SWD, & CSD)


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Description of impact

Dr. Annis Fung, the Hong Kong renowned expert in the study of aggressive behaviour and homicide, has been invited to provide regular training and consultations to various Government Departments and well-established institutions, including the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF), Education Bureau (EDB), Social Welfare Department (SWD), Correctional Services Department (CSD), NGOs, Schools, and so forth.

For the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF), over 3,300 police officers have been trained to adopt the assessment tool on investigating the assaults and homicide cases, which was developed and well-validated by Dr. Annis Fung. The innovative assessment tool they found was important for the police officers in making discerning judgements on reactive and proactive aggression for each suspect across different kinds of crimes, such as murder, assault, family violence, and attack. Thus, this on-going training would be kept on continuously twice a year, unless all the members of the HKPF would have been trained. Based on the identification, the police investigators could distinguish the uniqueness of cognition, emotion, and behaviour of each suspect and, hence, provide assistant in gathering evidence for criminal investigation and suspect apprehension.

For the Education Bureau (EDB) of the HKSAR, over 7,000 educators and teachers have been trained to adopt the two-factor model of aggression. Since 2011, Dr. Annis FUNG has been appointed as the voluntary consultant by EDB for conducting a series of training sessions for the principals, teachers, school social workers, educational psychologists, and so forth. In training sessions, participated practitioners are trained to adopt the two-factor model of aggression (reactive-proactive aggression model) applying new concepts, practical counselling skills, and strategies in handling school bullying cases in their schools. Besides, EDB has uploaded Annis’ all research work and documents to the official EDB websites. Thus, the long-term sustainability of adopting her expertise into schools in Hong Kong has been positively affirmed.

For the Social Welfare Department (SWD) of the HKSAR, not less than 850 professional frontline practitioners across the Family and Child Branch, Rehabilitation and Medical Social Service Branch, Youth and Corrections Branch, Clinical Psychological Service Branch has been trained up to adopt Dr Annis Fung’s work in their daily practice. The strategies to identify and provide counselling for different subtypes of aggressors and victims particularly indeed equipped practitioners with optimised counselling skills, assessment techniques, and intervention strategies to handle cases.