Interview article with Ming Pao, commentary on Van Gogh Alive Hong Kong and Lai's work on show at H Queen's

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Lai was interviewed by Ming Pao journalist to shed light on a crowd-pleasing multi-sensory show in town - "Van Gogh Alive Hong Kong" (7 April - 7 July 2019). The show has been staged in many cities around the world and marketed for its multi-sensorty experience, an unusual approach to an art exhibition. Lai shared her expertise views on the history of projection in expanded cinema practices since the 1960s, and call for the due use of digital technology to produce new knowledge and experiences of art, thus also the lifeworld in which we live.
She was also asked to shed light on her recent work "Lost Textures" staged at H Queen's Exit Strategies (28 Feb - 30 Apr 2019) on Queen's Road Central, as a case of new media.

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