Feminist strategies to reflect on Hong Kong citspace: a visual ethnographic study on Linda Lai's art project Mnemonic Archiving: a Dispersive Monument

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An academ conference paper presented by PhD researcher ZENG Hong at the annual conference for Cultural Studies, Crossroads 2016.
The panel, titled “Hong Kong feminisms through visual practice,” consists of 3 papers, The other two artists discussed are film director Ann Hui by Prof. Gina Marchetti and novelist Wong Bik-wan by Chao Long.

Abstract of paper on Linda Lai by Zeng Hong:
"Feminist art has developed in Hong Kong since the 1980s. Many female artists are influenced by western feminist theories as well as local geopolitical concern, therefore they try to employ feminist strategies to explore Hong Kong cityscape in their works. This presentation examines the way artist Linda Lai discovers and represents daily trivialities in the city space through her latest video installation project. Based on visual ethnography, my analysis focuses on how the artist flexibly experiments with a feminine intellectual perspective within patriarchal representations. Her strategies include representing the industrial construction in Hong Kong through her micro narratives of everyday life with some fragmented images/objects and feminine quality fine work. It suggests that some contemporary feminist artists are autonomous to reinterpret the grand discourse through their sexualized, embodied experiences."

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