Citation-Review by Traverse Video's Festival Director Simone Dompeyre

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[festival catalogue 2019, pp. 114-117]]
Simone Dompeyre, Festival Director of Traverse Video (France), wrote an interpretive review for Lai's three videos selected for the 2019 edition of Festival, to be published in a digital post-festival catalog. The review, written in French, characterizes Lai's first two videos as a form of cine-stylo (cinema pen), a practice of automatic visual writing that makes Lai's works far more than just ordinary video diaries.
On Lai's third video, a found-footage work studying the visual and perfomance mannerism of HK-Cantonese film melodrama in the 1960s, Pompeyre writes, "‘This sign-combinatory works without narrative sound; it pursues instead a visual pacing, in which the viewer rarely engages with isolated fragments. The movement is calculated, with a numeric reiteration, with metric variation, each moment precisely measured in a juxtaposition with the others to form a filmic ensemble. With Linda’s traces, a ready-made film." (translation from French)
Alongside the above citation, Festival Director Pompeyre also included the third video in her traveling showcase in which she introduced the video program with the aim to open up non-expert audience's interest on art experiments.

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