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Lai, together with 25 artists from 13 countries, participated in an international group show "The Sun Teaches Us That History is Not Everything" (2018, Osage Hong Kong) curated by Brazilian curator Raphael Fonseca. She is the only artist invited to contribute to a post-exhibition catalog with an extended essay on the the topic of (post)coloniality, with four other contributors who are curators, professors and art historians.The essay "Ruminations" discusses the conceptual journey Lai has gone through in making sense of her response as a (post)colonial subject, in particular the question of "recognition" which could be partially resolved in her pursuit of the History of Everyday Life, thus also her artistic treatment in her multiple-element installation in the exhibition, which turns spatial production (Walter Benjamin, Henri Lefebvre) into artistic articulations of object-subjectivities.

Curator Rafael Fonseca writes in the introduction of the catalog, "One of the artists present in the show, Linda Lai, discusses issues of identity, historical narrative and the landscape of Hong Kong. This text is very important to the panorama of the book because it makes evident the point of view of an artist-researcher and certainly stands out from the other essays, all written by curators and art historians." (p. 6, catalog)

Citation:Lai, Linda June 2019: "Ruminations: critical miniatures & a montage of HK's (post)coloniality" in The Sun Teaches Us That History Is Not Everything (exhibition catalog). Hong Kong: Osage Art Foundation, May 2019. Pp. 80-87.ISBN 978-98877281-1-5

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