A Study on Online Racial Discrimination Generated High-Impact Media Coverage and Training Workshop for Journalists and Editors

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Dr. Yuan WANG led a research project on online media representation of ethnic minorities and online racial discrimination in Hong Kong. It provided practical recommendations to the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), the Hong Kong Government, local online media organizations, and ethnic minority groups in Hong Kong for addressing racial discrimination, which contributed to a more inclusive society in Hong Kong. This study was funded and endorsed by the EOC. Its findings were covered by 12 media organizations and posted on the EOC’s official website and YouTube channel.

As a follow-up activity of this research project, a training workshop on online news writing and avoiding racism was held for journalists and editors working in online media organizations in Hong Kong on 27 May 2022. This three-hour workshop featured three local and overseas speakers working in universities and the EOC, as well as reporters and editors. This workshop was sponsored by the EOC. It contributed to the media industry in Hong Kong.

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  • Social impacts