Tracing Data: What You See is Not What We Write, proceedings


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ISBN 978-988-14525-9-7
published June 2015
Role: researcher, general editor
Proceedings for a 3-week long new media exhibition of the same title in October 2014

***This is a practice component in my GRF 11404614, the practice of how to do "documentation" for a media art exhiibtion full of of black-boxed elements.

This is a 118-page full proceedings of a research-based exhibition funded by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council's media art project grant awarded to Linda Lai, Justin Wong, Hector Rodriguez and Daniel Howe in 2013. The actual exhibition took place in 9-22 October 2014. I took the role as a participant-observer (as I was also one of the artists) to do detailed documentation of the entire event, to gain insight into expanded screen practices through a live case study, and to practice "documentation," which is essential to future historiography of media art in general. The published proceedings as a pdf (since there was no funds to do a print version) was entirely my own work in 9 months since the exhibition, as part of my GRF research "Where Else to Look." It experiments with how to juggle with technical information and narratives for the audience, as well as the "collaboration" of sketches, images and text.
Date made available22 Jun 2015
PublisherThe Writing Machine Collective
Temporal coverage9 Oct 2014 - 22 Oct 2014
Date of data production9 Oct 2014 - 1 Jun 2015
Geographical coverageHong Kong