Kondo cloud finally observed after half-century

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Dr Ivan Valerievich Borzenets, Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics, has helped to reveal the first experimental evidence of a Kondo cloud, the world’s first direct measurement of a Kondo cloud more than 50 years after the initial theory was first expounded.

“We hope the findings can provide insights into the understanding of multiple impurity systems such as Kondo lattices, spin glasses and high transition-temperature superconductors,” explained Dr Borzenets, the lead author of an article titled “Observation of the Kondo screening cloud” published in the latest edition of the prestigious scientific journal Nature.

Dr Borzenets was joined on the project by Dr Shim Jeong-min and Professor Sim Heung-sun of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology; Dr Jason C.H. Chen of the University of Tokyo; Dr Arne Ludwig and Professor Andreas D. Wieck of Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany; and Professor Seigo Tarucha and Dr Michihisa Yamamoto of RIKEN Centre for Emergent Matter Science, Japan.

Period6 Apr 2020

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TitleKondo cloud finally observed after half-century
DescriptionThe Kondo cloud was theorised half a century ago but it has not been observed until now, according to Dr Borzenets, who has helped to reveal the first experimental evidence of a Kondo cloud and worked on the Kondo project as part of an international research team.

This breakthrough in condensed matter physics could contribute to further understanding multiple impurity systems such as high temperature superconductors, according to him. High temperature superconductors can be used in a variety of applications such as energy storage system and medical equipment.
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