Hong Kong in Focus: Asia's Research Hub

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S. Sanders, Ed., Hong Kong in Focus: Asia’s Research Hub. Science 338 (suppl.) 1639–1657, (2012)


Positioned at the crossroads of Asia and the West, both geographically and culturally, Hong Kong is taking advantage of its auspicious place in Asia by reimagining itself not just as a financial and tourism center, but also as a research and biotechnology hub. This sponsored feature will provide the reader with an update on the state of scientific research in the region and a glimpse into the powerful engine that is driving progress there, from basic research to the commercialization of therapeutics and medical devices.

Period21 Dec 2012

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TitleHong Kong in Focus: Asia's Research Hub
Description“CityU’s environment is highly conducive to interdisciplinary research,”says Professor Cheng, who joined the university in 1997. “I work with engineers or physicists so that I can produce things that I could never create on my own.” While some universities separate disciplines into different buildings, CityU has disciplines such as biology and engineering based in the same place. “This means you interact more with your colleagues and can build up collaborations by getting to know the person. It is much more solid in terms of interaction and much more fulfilling,” says Professor Cheng. This trend in interdisciplinary collaboration has also extended to student interactions. Three CityU students from mechanical engineering,marketing, and accounting backgrounds have recently won international business competitions based on a CityU student’s doctoral research,and now boast multinational companies among their startup’s clientele.Professor Cheng has also branched out into regenerative.
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Producer/AuthorS. Sanders, Ed.
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