Guest on Metro Radio FM99.7 on "Floating Projects," 4:00-5:00pm, 10 May 2017 (新城電台 FM99.7,世界隨意門,4-5pm, 藝術閒話,談「據點」計畫

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"Floating Projects" is a path-finding experimental art project to interrogate issues of sustainability and young artists' survival via the concepts of "econony of contribution," cross-generation and trans-disciplinary art creation, and re-purposing of raw materials. Linda C.H. Lai, initiator of the project, was invited to Metro Radio's program on art and culture to talk about the process of the experiment.  

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Period10 May 2017

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Description4-5pm, 藝術閒話,談「據點」計畫
Media name/outletMetro Radio 新城電台 FM99.7
PlaceHong Kong
Degree of recognitionLocal
Media typeRadio
Producer/AuthorJaffa Lam, 葉泳詩
Duration / Length / Size2 hours magazine program


世界隨意門,4-5pm ,新城電台 FM99.7: 藝術閒話


Hong Kong

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