Golden Gate Girls: The Extraordinary Esther Eng

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A review of Golden Gate Girls published on October 4, 2015.

Period4 Oct 2015

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TitleGolden Gate Girls: The Extraordinary Esther Eng
DescriptionThe petite young lady standing mid-center in the above photo is film director Esther Eng Gam Ha (伍錦霞 ,1914-1970), surrounded by her cast and crew during the filming of her 1936 Chinese-language film Heartaches in Hollywood. The photograph may come as a surprise to many, since Eng’s place in film history was only brought to public light in 2013 by City University of Hong Kong professor and film maker S. Louisa Wei with her documentary film Golden Gate Girls. Here stands Eng, full of glamorous Hollywood confidence, in a photograph that is silent testimony to her remarkable life and achievements.
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